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  • : The Handimachal Programme for disabled children, Kullu, India
  • The Handimachal Programme for disabled children, Kullu, India
  • : In the (blue) House of the Himalayas, in Kullu (Himachal Pradesh, India), discover and follow the progress of the Handimachal project for disabled children.
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June 1 2013 7 01 /06 /June /2013 14:32


The Ball Pool is a therapeutic product, which provides a multi-sensory environment that will awaken the senses or calm them down, depending on the child. How cool is that… two opposite effects in one product.

Inside a ball pit, the 800 balls create a rainbow of fun, enticing people of all ages into the therapy environment. The brightly colored balls provide sensory stimulus (visual, auditory, tactile), massage the entire body, offering buoyant support, deep pressure sensation and propriceptive feedback. They also encourage relaxation, strengthen sensorimotor skills, and help to build confidence and social skills with the various ball pool therapeutic plays.

Installing the ball pool at Handimachal was a labor of love, with many helping hands and feet coming together. A Flash mob was organized by class 7 students of Sainte-Marie secondary school in Montpellier to fund raise for Handimachal, the funds were utilized for the making of the Ball Pool.

A friend from Delhi, Tobby, went out of his way to go shopping for the 800 balls from the famous Old Delhi wholesale markets. The balls were then transported by the bus to Kullu. The driver’s reaction on seeing the 800 balls was more of suspicion than surprise. But it did not take much time for that to convert into amazement and good will, on knowing about Handimachal and the special children of the Kullu Valley. He generously exempted from paying any extra luggage charges for the balls. Repeated visits to the local carpenters always busy workshop to get the Ball Pool ready, was the OT agenda for a month. Finally after a month of waiting, the Ball Pool was ready to be used by the children.

Children and parents alike cannot contain their joy on the first look of this new wonder toy installed at the blue house. It has become the new favorite corner for children and therapists too. While giving Shambhavi the much needed motivation to move and explore, providing Swarit and Milan the extra proproception they crave for, providing Deepak the just perfect positioning support for weight bearing, Karan’s and Himanshu’s multi sensory needs are all taken care of in the Ball Pool.




The Ball Pool is a valuable resource for intervention in therapy. A perfect example of a fun and scientific OT tool.

Shruti More, permanent OT,

6 May 2013


Thank you, Shruti, and sorry I did not have time to post this article much sooner!


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